Durham Voice



Cornforth Partnership was commissioned by Durham County Council with the aim of strengthening partnership working between the County Durham Partnership, other statutory bodies, the Voluntary and Community Sector and other 3rd sector organisations such as not for profit companies, by supporting the development and coordination of the Consortia Framework and developing an effective Communication Network.


The project has established Durham Voice; a central information point for the VCS sector and produces a weekly update of a wide range of information from across Durham County, including funding news, training information, activities, events and consultation. The project has built up an extensive contact list of over 5000 people and organisations working with families and young people, contacted through its central emailing, as well as distributing information through our partners across the County.


The project has created a highly effective and efficient information sharing network; it is inclusive and strives to extend its reach to as many people and agencies as is possible. It circulates information to a wide range of County contacts including Local Councillors; Officers; LSCB; Commissioners; PAYP;  Hub Managers G.P. Practices via Nurse Practitioners; Social Landlords including former Local Authority providers and The National Careers Service and Investing in Children.


 It is a two way process of sharing information across all agencies. The feedback around the service has been extremely positive and we have actively promoted Durham Voice as a central information point for the VCS sector. The feedback from the service has been excellent it is proving to be a vital tool and is improving communication between the statutory sectors and VCS.