About The Cornforth Partnership


The Cornforth Partnership was born in 1996 as a community response to the growing poverty, deprivation and isolation of the industrial village of Cornforth, County Durham. Once thriving, Cornforth has become one of the most deprived areas in England following the closure of the local collieries upon which it depended. As local facilities were closed, the Cornforth Partnership was established to create a community resource centre which would support the social, environmental, recreational and economic regeneration of Cornforth and its surrounding areas.

The Charity acquired Cornforth House as its first community building in 1996 and in 2006 leased the adjoining Number 66 from the parish council to provide a drop-in, social and diversionary activities, and training and aspiration-raising opportunities for local young people.  

Since then, the Partnership has gone from strength to strength, and our reputation for community-led and innovative responses to entrenched social and economic problems is now firmly established. We work with deprived and isolated individuals and communities across County Durham.  In 2015-16 we worked with over 1.500 people. 

The charity established Cornforth Enterprise CIC in 2009 to enable it to trade and in 2017 this was relaunched as Durham Community support Initiative with a view to working with partners across Co Durham.

We also run a number of dedicated projects

Community Transport

Cornforth House

Cornforth Enterprise

Parish Council Support