Durham Community Support Initiative


In 2009 it created Cornforth Enterprise, a wholly owned subsidiary, to house compatible, profit-generating enterprise and trading activities which could contribute to the charity’s mission while generating some element of cross-subsidy. The vision was for long-term trading activities which increased opportunities for local people while also increasing the sustainability of the charity.

The local impact of the 2008 recession meant that our trading arm has remained dormant since its creation. However, after a recent strategic and structural review of the existing charity, and since then we have been reviving the trading arm to enable us to further develop our County Wide programmes.

In April 2017 we relaunched this company as Durham Community Support Initiative which together with our partners, will allow us to develop County- Wide programmes

Cornforth partnership is a locally based charitable activity, which benefits the village of Cornforth and our surrounding areas will be delivered through Cornforth House and the Charity, while larger contracting functions and future trading activities will sit within the Durham Community Support Initiative. 

The Charity and its Trading Arm will have separate boards, with some dual membership. Whilst Cornforth House and the Charity will continue with its board of local Trustees representing a range of community organisations, the board of  Durham Community support Initiative features people with sound knowledge of the statutory sector and a range of commercial, business and management skills. 

All of our Trustees all have track records in the main areas of our business: young people, adult education, families, health and regeneration.