Welcome to the Cornforth Partnership

At the Cornforth Partnership, our mission is ‘to provide the right support in the right place at the right time to enable the development of healthy, vibrant and aspirational communities’.

Supporting Cornforth and its surrounding areas to become healthy, vibrant and aspirational communities is at the heart of what we do.

The charity was established to:

Relieve poverty

Advance education

Provide or assist in the provision of recreational facilities and leisure time

Protect and improve the local environment

We provide a wide variety of services to support people of all ages and abilities that live or work in Cornforth and surrounding areas across County Durham.

We operate the community hubs Cornforth House and Number 66, as well as a number of other local initiatives that provide information, advice, guidance and support on a range of issues and signposts residents to additional service provision within the area.

Our mission is ‘to provide the right support in the right place at the right time to enable the development of healthy, vibrant and aspirational communities’.


Durham Voice



Cornforth Partnership was commissioned by Durham County Council with the aim of strengthening partnership working between the County Durham Partnership, other statutory bodies, the Voluntary and Community Sector and other 3rd sector organisations such as not for profit companies, by supporting the development and coordination of the Consortia Framework and developing an effective Communication Network.


The project has established Durham Voice; a central information point for the VCS sector and produces a weekly update of a wide range of information from across Durham County, including funding news, training information, activities, events and consultation. The project has built up an extensive contact list of over 5000 people and organisations working with families and young people, contacted through its central emailing, as well as distributing information through our partners across the County.


The project has created a highly effective and efficient information sharing network; it is inclusive and strives to extend its reach to as many people and agencies as is possible. It circulates information to a wide range of County contacts including Local Councillors; Officers; LSCB; Commissioners; PAYP;  Hub Managers G.P. Practices via Nurse Practitioners; Social Landlords including former Local Authority providers and The National Careers Service and Investing in Children.


 It is a two way process of sharing information across all agencies. The feedback around the service has been extremely positive and we have actively promoted Durham Voice as a central information point for the VCS sector. The feedback from the service has been excellent it is proving to be a vital tool and is improving communication between the statutory sectors and VCS.



The Cornforth Parish Council

Cornforth Partnership is pleased to support the Parish Council and hosts regular sessions where you can meet the councillors
It also hosts and manages the webpage and provides ongoing information to the resident of West Cornforth
A parish council is a type of local authority found in England which is the lowest, or first, tier of local government.They are elected bodies and have variable tax raising powers. Parish councils are responsible for areas known as civil parishes.

Parish councils have the power to precept (tax) their residents to support their operations and to carry out local projects. Although there is no limit to the amount that can be precepted, the money can only be raised for a limited number of purposes, defined in the 1894 Act and subsequent legislation.

Parish councils have powers to provide some facilities themselves, or they can contribute towards their provision by others. There are large variations in the services provided by parishes, but they can include the following


Support and encouragement of arts and crafts

Provision of village halls

Recreation grounds, parks, children's play areas, playing fields and swimming baths

Cemeteries and crematoria

Maintenance of closed churchyards

Cleaning and drainage of ponds etc.

Control of litter

Public conveniences

Creation and maintenance of footpaths and bridleways

Provision of cycle and motorcycle parking

Acquisition and maintenance of rights of way

Public clocks

War memorials

Encouragement of tourism

The ASK Helpline


ASK Helpline is a FREE Text service for aged 14-25 years living in County Durham

ASK is a FREE text support service for young people aged 14-25 years living in County Durham. You can text ASK with any questions you may have, we can support you to make your own decisions around a wide range of subjects.

For example we receive texts like:-

Where can I use my C-card?

Where is my nearest sexual health clinic?

How can I tell my friend that I like them?

I self harm, where can I get help?


There is no question to big or small for our team of qualified youth workers.

We provide a confidential service for young people who need advice around potential embarrassing or lonely issues